Should buyer be present?

Answer: The Buyer is always encouraged to be present during the inspection. The inspection is also an introduction to your new home and its systems. Questions are also always welcome!

What is the process of a home inspection?

Answer: After you have made an offer on a home and schedule an inspection, your Realtor, yourself or representative, and inspector will be given access to the home at the agreed upon time. The inspection will commence at the exterior of the home and move to the interior components. You are welcome to follow along and ask questions. At the end of the inspection we can go over any deficiencies noted and provide payment. The report will then be provided to you within 24hrs. After viewing the report a decision can then be made about the property and the home inspection condition may be removed if desired.

How long will the inspection take?

Answer: Generally, depending on the condition and age of the home an inspection can take anywhere between 2-4hrs.

How do I pay?

Answer: Interac Email Transfer, Cash, Cheque, VISA or MasterCard

When do I pay?

Answer: Payment is due at the end of the physical portion of the inspection.

When and how will I receive the report?

Answer: You will receive your report within 24hrs. by secure – password protected email. This report can be forwarded to your parents, bank, etc.

Does my real estate agent get a copy of my home inspection report?

Answer: If you wish, your Realtor can receive a copy of the report. Permission must be given to the inspector by initialling your consent on the contract signed at the time of inspection.